The SAT is the single most important test in high school, and more importantly, college admission.  I knew that I would need my best scores possible to be accepted to my top choices.  I turned to College Direct for assistance and found just what I needed.  With the help of College Direct, I was able to improve my vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.  I scored a 780 on the SAT Critical Reading Section- an achievement that would not have been possible without College Direct.
-Adriana, Georgetown University, Class of 2016

As a parent of a graduating Senior this year I was
nervous  about my daughter scoring well on the SAT and getting into the college
of her  choice.  On her first attempt at the test, she did okay, but we both
knew she  could do better.  That’s when we turned to College Direct.  After
several  Saturday sessions with College Direct, my daughter improved her overall
score by  more than 150 points!  She is now attending University of Florida and we both want
to thank  College Direct for all of their help.  If it were not for their
knowledge of the  test and help with test taking skills, my daughter may not have
fulfilled her  dream of attending her dream school.  Working with College Direct is
undeniably the best  thing we ever did to improve my daughter’s score on the
Leslie, Jen’s mom

This is an amazing tutoring center! The teachers have a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.  My grades have improved and my test scores are nearly perfect since I’ve been attending College Direct.
Grade 10, Class of 2016
Miami Lakes Educational Center

I never realized that as a sophomore in high school, and taking advanced classes, I would ever need that help of a tutoring center.  But as 10th grade draws to a close, important tests such as the SAT loom near.  With College Direct’s assistance I’ve improved everything from comprehension, reading, and vocabulary.  The teachers at College Direct have helped me to succeed in school and reach the standards of that I’ve set for myself.
Grade 10, Class of 2016
Jose Marti Mast Academy

When I started coming I was in the biggest academic hole of my life and I had only a year and a half left of high school and I didn’t think I was going to graduate. But what I did was make a trip down to College Direct and said I needed help.  So with 3 years under my belt and one year left, I took Florida Virtual School during the summer and transferred from Chaminade Madonna to Flanagan High School.  Now I had one year left to prove myself and sure enough I did.  I did the unthinkable that I thought I could never do.  I got all As and Bs in my report card and my GPA is up and I will graduate on time.  I did this with the help that College Direct gave me.  College Direct is the greatest tutoring center in the world.  It is way better than the all the other local tutoring centers.  I highly suggest College Direct to everybody that needs help because they will help you just like they helped me.
Grade 12, Class of 2014
Flanagan High School

This tutoring center is spectacular.  All the tutors have a way of teaching and explaining things that’s just amazing.  My daughter’s grades have really improved since she started at College Direct.
Marlene, Camilla’s mom
Grade 7, Walter C. Young


They helped me a lot in increasing my scores in reading and writing, from 440 to 570 on writing and from 430 to 490 on reading, from 15 to 28 on ACT reading. If you want to boost your score, College Direct is the place you have to go.
Hernan, Class of 2016
Cypress Bay High School