SAT and ACT Preparation

 Should I take the ACT or the Redesigned SAT, and what is the difference?

  The SAT and the ACT are both standardized tests that factor into the college admissions process.  They both measure one thing:  how well you take standardized tests. As a matter of fact, both tests are looking more and more like each other.  That said, there are key differences.
          The good news is that virtually every college accepts both tests and we can help you figure out which test is right for you.  Call our center at 754-400-8941 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Lourdes, our director, to get you started on the direct path to achieve your college and career goals.

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What is College Direct’s Approach to Test Preparation?

Our method of test preparation is based on three components:  foundational knowledge, strategy instruction, and applied practice with feedback.  This three-pronged approach to test preparation is adjusted as needed for each student.  While some students come in lacking foundation and concepts critical to the specific subjects on the SAT or ACT, others just need test-taking skills and techniques.  Our instruction is customized to fit each individual student.

How Many Test Prep Sessions Does a Student Need?

Each student is unique.  Some students may need a session or two, and others may need to tutor regularly for an extended period of time.  Again, a student’s foundational knowledge,  application of strategies through practice, and target score determine the number of sessions a student will need.  Typically, a student should continue with test preparation until the desired score is met on their practice tests.

What Type of Sessions do you Offer:  Group or Individual?

College Direct offers group sessions during the summer AND individual sessions during the regular school year.  During the summer, we ofer group sessions for families who prefer the affordability of discounted rates, 60% off regular private sessions, or because some students prefer to work within a peer group and learn from the rich discussion provided in group settings.  During the regular school year, when students will be taking actual SATs and ACTs,  we  prefer the individualized instruction of the private setting.  In this type of test preparation, the individual strengths and weaknesses are pinpointed and targeted with precision.


 What is the difference between group and individual sessions?

Who Are Your Tutors?

Our tutors are certified teachers who receive ongoing training and collaborative planning to ensure that the best techniques and instructional methods are used with each student.  We train our tutors to employ best educational practices when working with students.  We do not use a scripted approach to test preparation as many of the franchise tutoring companies do because we know that each student has different learning modalities and needs.

What Materials do You Use?

We believe in using authentic materials provided by or The College Board when it comes to actual tests.  We do use our own proprietary materials to supplement foundational skills and reinforce test-taking tips and strategies.

Do You Guarantee Results?

We do not guarantee results.  There are too many variables to guarantee any particular increase, and any honest tutor will say this. Having said this, students who come to our center and follow the program we customize typically increase an average 200 points on the SAT and 5 points on the ACT.  Read our student testimonials here.

How Do I Get Started?

All you have to do is call the center at 754-400-8941 and say that you’re interested in test preparation.   We will ask you to come in and take a diagnostic test and bring any previous test scores so that we may have a baseline and know what we have to target.  We will make recommendations for the number of sessions you will need.  You will schedule the classes around your availability.  It’s as simple as that!



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