Compare the New SAT Scores to the Old SAT Scores

The scores for the Redesigned SAT administered in March 2016 are finally out.  When College Board redesigned the SAT the scores went back to the original 1600 maximum range.   The essay is now optional and won’t be calculated in the Reading/Language and Writing score.  The math is comprised of a no-calculator section and a calculator section.


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But what do the scores mean in comparison to the “old” SAT?  Right now, not much.  Most college advisers are saying that you should look at your ranking.  In other words, how do your scores compare to the rest of the students who took the test for the same administration. However, initial analysis of concordant scores may indicate that the new SAT scores are slightly inflated in comparison to the old scores.  In other words a 610 in the Math section of the new SAT my be equivalent to a 590 on the old test.

For more information view this concordance chart created by Jon Boeckenstedt, associate Vice-President of Chicago’s DePaul University.  You may also visit The College Board’s site to access their score converter.

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