Attention College Direct Families:

College Direct is closing its current location.  While we look for another great place to establish our wonderful center, we do not want our students to miss a step in their learning.  This is why we have all of our fabulous tutors’ information below so that you may contact them directly.

Please visit the website regularly for updates on new location.

College Direct Tutor Information

Ms. Jennifer Calabrese

I hold an active teaching license from the State of Florida. I have been a highly qualified Broward County Public School educator for 10 years with a Master’s Degree in Special Education and hold an Undergraduate Degree in General Education for grades K-12 as well as grades K-6 in Special Education.  I currently work as a special education support facilitator in a local public school and work with students in grades 3-5. I have successfully taught in grades 2 through 5 throughout my 10 years of teaching. It has been a pleasure to have worked for College Direct for over 1 year. I look forward to helping student’s achieve their potential in a 1 on 1 setting.

Please contact Ms. Calabrese at 516-315-7185 or email at jenp1383@aol.com.

Ms. Darilyn Brown

A veteran teacher with thirty-two years of experience.

Classroom teaching in Reading Grades 6-12 and Literacy (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and ESOL), Social Sciences, Research, Study Skills, and ACT/SAT preparation.

Instructional Strategies Expert in Test Prep for FSA, ACT, and SAT;
also in Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development, Study Methods, American History, and U.S. Government.

Please contact Ms. Brown at 954-243-8901 or email me at darilyn.brown@gmail.com.

Mr. Raul Carmine Camarca


Raul Carmine, also known as “Mr. C”, has a true passion for teaching. Completing High School at age 17, being Valedictorian of his class, he pursued his higher education at Florida International University, achieving by age 27 a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering cum laude (member of the Order of the Engineer) and a Master’s in Computer Science. He obtained temporary Teaching Certificates in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Technology Education from the Florida Dept. of Education. He is enrolled in Broward College’s Educator Preparation Institute, a Post-Baccalaureate degree that fulfills the requirements for the Professional Teaching Certificates.  Mr. C has over 8 years of tutoring experience At FIU, he served as undergraduate and graduate research assistant, working with students in and out of classroom, one-on-one as well as in teams. He also developed and oversaw engineering and computer science research and publications. After FIU he began tutoring, first privately, then through College Direct. Mr. C has middle and high school classroom teaching experience, as he was the summer math teacher at a center for at-risk youth. He is involved in adult education through the “Project Joseph” program and he is pursuing a career in post-secondary education.   Overall, Mr. C has tutored students age 12-25 on subjects including middle school and high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, SAT and ACT preparation, college algebra, calculus, discrete math, physics, Windows literacy, computer programming, Spanish, and Italian.

Please contact Mr. Camarca at 786-201-1357 or email at camar11@mail.broward.edu.

Ms. Pam Engel
A veteran teacher with the Broward Schools with 31 years experience.
Pre-k through5th grade: Math,Science,and Writing.
Pre-K through 6th grade Reading and Language Arts
FSA through 5th grade Reading, Math, Writing and Science
FSA 6 th grade :Reading
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and General Education students
Please contact Ms. Engel at 954-646-0109 or email me at pamengel57@gmail.com.
Mr. Joseph Harvey

32 years experience
B.S.: Mathematics
M. Ed.: Math Education
High School (public/private)
Junior High
College (adjunct)
What I tutor:
Mathematics grades 6-12
Subjects: prealgebra, algebra1, Algebra 2, Geometry, trig, Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, Statistics, SAT, ACT (math and science)

Please contact Mr. Harvey at 954-849-9240 or email at algebra29@gmail.com.


Ms. Jennifer Hershey

I am a Florida State University alumni with a degree in English Education.  I have been employed as a full-time English/Language Arts teacher for Miami-Dade County Public Schools for over eighteen years.  During that time, I have continued my professional development to address the needs of a variety of student populations (ESOL/Gifted/ESE).  I currently teach 10th and 11th grade Honors/Gifted English in a North Dade high school where I have been employed for over thirteen years.   I was just recently rated as a “Florida High Impact Teacher” based on the state’s tracking of my students’ achievement over the last three years.  I have taught all grades 6-12, served as Language Arts Department Chair from 2011-2013, and currently sponsor the English Honor Society.  I have tutored students privately and through College Direct for several years.  I am available for tutoring in several areas:  SAT/ACT, FSA (9th, 10th, and retakers), English, and College Preparation.

Please contact Ms. Hershey at 786-412-7685 or email at jenniferhershey@bellsouth.net.

Ms. Bernadette Pritchard

I hold a current Florida State Elementary Teaching Certificate grades 1-6 with endorsements in ESE, ESOL and Gifted. My teaching career spans a period of 25 years teaching students of diverse abilities ages 4 through 12 years in all subjects. I retired from Broward County Public Schools in June 2014 and have tutored at College Direct for the past two years.

My philosophy of education is that all students achieve academic success when instruction is tailored to their individual needs. I enjoy working with students of all abilities with an emphasis on their personal learning style to develop and enhance their academic potential to the fullest.
I look forward to working with your child and enabling him/her achieve their personal and academic goals.
Please contact Ms. Pritchard at 954-243-1854.
Mr. Suresh Ramanathan

I am highly qualified in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences and have been helping students with Subject Tutoring at Undergraduate level and Test Prep for over 6 years. My teaching methods are flexible according to students’ needs and my students have passed their tests with flying colors. I also have experience teaching students with autism-related disabilities.

Please contact Mr. Ramanathan at 954-610-6168 or email at sramanathan1234@gmail.com.


Ms. Mindy Pheterson

Mindy Pheterson earned Bachelor’s degrees in English Education and Computer Systems and a Master’s degree in Reading Education. She holds teaching certificates in Reading K-12 and English 7-12. Mindy taught middle school Language Arts and high school Intensive Reading classes in Broward County schools. She has been working as a private tutor since retiring from teaching in 2009. Mindy specializes in teaching reading, writing, and grammar to students from middle school through adult.  She also teaches SAT, ACT, and FSA Reading and Writing test-taking skills and ESL to adults and children.

Please contact Ms. Pheterson at 954-325-2352 or email at mpheterson@hotmail.com.

Dolores Godinez-White

EDUCATION: Bachelors of Science in Education majoring in English and Drama

Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas (1980 graduate)

Work with Middle to High school students in English Language Arts, History, Civics.

Please contact Ms. Godinez-White at 214-478-5005 or email at dolocita@yahoo.com.

Mr. Ghana Powell

I have been teaching students in Broward County for 5 years and tutoring for 10, the last 4 with College Direct. I have a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education and have been rated Highly Effective. I tutor Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, SAT Math, ACT Math, ACT Science, College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra.

Please contact Mr. Powell at 305-308-7347 or email at ghanapowell@gmail.com.


Why Choose College Direct for your Tutoring Needs

At College Direct, we want students to be confident, high-achieving, and competent individuals. Our tutors teach essential skills that are the basis of success, not only in the classroom, but for life-long learning.  Unfortunately, many students who are bright and full of potential are in classroom settings that are not conducive to learning. These classrooms are not motivating and are uninspiring.  Because of a fast-paced and demanding curriculum, teachers are stretched thin and have little time to offer individual attention to each student.  This is one of the primary reasons so many talented students fall behind.
With our one-on-one approach to learning, students are able to reach their full academic potential since they are working with a certified teacher who is devoting his or her full attention to that one student.

College Direct is the #1 tutoring and test preparation center Pembroke PInes!
Our students are successful in school!


Our Mission Statement
The road to college begins at an early age.  College Direct provides students with an individualized curriculum and positive support, preparing them academically and personally to be successful in all their educational endeavors.