ATTENTION Students taking the Sept. 10 ACT:

The next group course starts on Tuesday, August 9 with only 3 spots remaining.  Call 754-400-8941 for details about this course or click here.

Now Enrolling for Back-to-School!

Kindergarten through college, whatever your academic needs, College Direct is here for you!

If you are a CD student and took a break over the summer, call us now to secure your favorite teacher and time slot.  For parents seeking a family-oriented and success-driven tutoring center for their children, College Direct is the place for you.  Call Debbie at 754-400-8941 to set up a complimentary consultation, either in person, or over the phone if it’s more convenient for you.  We make our students and families our number 1 priority!

Why Choose College Direct for your Tutoring Needs

At College Direct, we want students to be confident, high-achieving, and competent individuals. Our tutors teach essential skills that are the basis of success, not only in the classroom, but for life-long learning.  Unfortunately, many students who are bright and full of potential are in classroom settings that are not conducive to learning. These classrooms are not motivating and are uninspiring.  Because of a fast-paced and demanding curriculum, teachers are stretched thin and have little time to offer individual attention to each student.  This is one of the primary reasons so many talented students fall behind.
With our one-on-one approach to learning, students are able to reach their full academic potential since they are working with a certified teacher who is devoting his or her full attention to that one student.

College Direct is the #1 tutoring and test preparation center Pembroke PInes!
Our students are successful in school!


Our Mission Statement
The road to college begins at an early age.  College Direct provides students with an individualized curriculum and positive support, preparing them academically and personally to be successful in all their educational endeavors.